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Serbia: Stopped by the police at a pride march of LGBTI communities in Belgrade

Serbia: Stopped by the police at a pride march of LGBTI communities in Belgrade

Belgrade City Police banned for reasons of public safety the realization of the pride march that was planned for next Saturday as the climax of the events of “EuroPride 2022″, organized by LGBT communities of Europe.

The response of the organizers is that the march will take place normally despite the bans and threats. The police also banned and the protest rally that had planned for Saturday groups and organizations that oppose the action of LGBTQI communities.

EuroPride week started yesterday with the raising of the LGBTI flag outside the government building in Belgrade. Various cultural events and lectures are scheduled on a daily basis with the participation of activists from all over Europe while the pride march on Saturday will be the culmination of EuroPride. The reactions in Serbia to these activities are intense and for the moment they are manifesting in a peaceful way.

Conservative political groups, far-right organizations and also her Church Serbia take the lead in the manifestation of the reactions. The day before yesterday, a mass march took place where thousands of citizens including many priests holding religious banners, icons and crosses demonstrated their opposition to EuroPride and their support for the institution of the family. The march that started from the headquarters of the Patriarchate ended at the plateau in front of the church of Agios Savvas, where the service of the Patriarch of the Serbs, Porphyrios, was held.

In his speech, the head of the Serbian Church supported the institution of the family, stated that the Orthodox religion does not accept the ideology of LGBTQI, however, he emphasized that he is against any form of violence against members of the community. From today until Saturday, by order of the Patriarch of the Serbs, in all Orthodox churches and monasteries, a prayer will be read daily in favor of the sanctity of marriage and the family.
It is noted that in 2001 and 2010, when the first pride marches of the LGBTI community took place in Belgrade, serious incidents took place. Since 2014, pride marches have been held regularly, every year, under the protection of a strong police force.

Source: News Beast



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