Serbia: The new Parliament was formed into a House four months after the elections

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With the swearing in of the 250 deputies, who were elected in the parliamentary elections of April 3, the new parliament of Serbia was established today. For the first time after two years, opposition MPs also sit in the seats of the Serbian Parliament, since in the previous parliament only MPs from the government coalition parties participated.

In the new parliament, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) of Aleksandar Vucic is represented by 120 MPs. The coalition led by the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP) occupies 38 seats, the Socialist Party (SPS) 31 seats while three nationalist parties (NADA, DVERI, ZAVETNICI) occupy 35 seats. The coalition of ecologists “Moramo” is represented by 13 MPs. Minorities are also represented with thirteen MPs. The Hungarians with 5 MPs, as will the Bosnian Muslims, while the Croats will have 2 MPs and the Albanians of southern Serbia will have one.

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At tomorrow’s meeting, the new president of the parliament and the vice-presidents will be elected, while, according to the Constitution, in three months from today, the new government should be elected. If this does not happen, parliament will be dissolved and new elections will be called.

Source: RES-MPE

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Source: Capital

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