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Serbia: Vucic announced his party's victory in the municipal elections

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the coalition named after him won a “convincing victory” in all cities where municipal elections were held. According to ERT, Vucic said that in Belgrade the coalition led by the Serbian Progressive Party received 52% of the votes and elected 63 members out of 110 that make up the city council. In Serbia, municipal councils elect the mayor. Vucic also reported that his party also won comfortably in Serbia's second largest city, Novi Sad, receiving 53% of the vote. The only city where the combination of the Serbian Progressive Party did not gain independence is the city of Nis, where the independent combination led by Dr. Dragan Milić emerges as the regulating factor for the mayoral election. The Serbian Progressive Party in the municipal elections held in Belgrade and 67 other cities went down together with the Socialist Party and 11 smaller parties. The largest opposition parties abstained from the elections arguing that […]
Source: News Beast

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