Serena Mollicone, the prosecutor: “The murder weapon is the door of the barracks”

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“IS Marco Mottola the perpetrator of the murder by Serena Mollicone ». The public prosecutor Maria Beatrice Siravo said this in her indictment, during the trial on the death of the 18-year-old from Arce who was killed on June 1, 2001 in the carabinieri barracks. The prosecutor explained to the assize court that this conclusion can be reached even without the testimony of Santino Tuzi (the sergeant who later committed suicide).

The fragments of the door of the service quarters where the girl was attacked were held back by the hair of the victim. The filtering of the findings that took place in 2017 at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Milan made it possible to identify important ones fragments of wood with compounds also of glue which, it is known, is not present in plants ».

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The defense’s thesis, according to which the girl died outside the barracks and against a surface that is not compatible with a door, cannot hold up, according to the prosecutor: “The further proof of the attack against the door was given by 3D cast of the fist made with the hands belonging to the accused Marco Mottola and Franco Mottola. Neither of the two casts is compatible with the hole on the surface of the door “. The defense, however, continues to argue that the fracture in the door was caused by a punch thrown during a fight between father and son.

The three defendants for the voluntary murder and concealment of the corpse of Serena Mollicone are Marco Mottolahis father Francoformer commander of the barracks and his wife Anna Maria. The other two defendants are the lieutenant Vincenzo Quatrale and the police officer, Francesco Suprano.


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Marco Mottola, however, has always denied being responsible for the girl’s death. “I didn’t kill Serena Mollicone, nor did anyone in my family. I’ve never had a fight with her who I’ve known since middle school“. And again: «I knew Serena because I went to her father’s French lessons. We dated in a group until we were 16, we never had a relationship, no flirtations. “

The coroner’s reconstruction, on the other hand, claims that Serena was attacked in the service quarters of Mottola who, after a fight, would have made her bang her head against a door. The girl fainted from skull fractures but, according to experts, she could still be saved. Instead she was left “in these conditions for 4/6 hours before being killed by the adhesive tape that was applied to her mouth and nose, causing her to suffocate.” The body was found about two days later in a wood.

Source: Vanity Fair

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