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Sergeant dies in attempted robbery of armored car at Caxias do Sul (RS) airport

A sergeant from the Rio Grande do Sul Military Brigade (BM) died during a confrontation with criminals who tried to rob an armored car at Caxias do Sul airport, in Serra Gaúcha, last Wednesday night (19).

The victim was identified as Fabiano Oliveira, aged 47. He had been with BM since 1997 and left behind a wife and a son.

Security camera images show that the heavily armed gang was dressed in federal police attire and used cars characterized as PF vehicles to enter the airport premises shortly after 7pm. See video below.

In videos recorded by residents of the region, it is possible to hear several gunshots. Images below.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), used social media to mourn the sergeant’s death during the incident.

“With regret, I received the news of the death of the 2nd sergeant of the Military Brigade, Fabiano Oliveira, aged 47, who heroically fell after being shot during an exchange of gunfire with criminals who tried to steal an armored car near Caxias do Airport. South”, wrote Leite.

“I determined the maximum commitment of the State security forces to capture and seek accountability for ALL criminals involved in this cowardly act”, he added.

Videos show the action of criminals:

Source: CNN Brasil

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