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Serious incidents in Paris and other cities after the unexpected victory of the Left – Chaos in the streets

Tensions and incidents occurred on the evening of Sunday 7/7 on the sidelines of rallies in Paris and other French cities after the second round of parliamentary elections in the country, which were won by the surprise left-wing New People’s Front (NFP) alliance. In Paris, thousands of people gathered in the Place de la République, in the center of the capital, to celebrate the victory of the left-wing alliance in early elections, defying predictions that the far-right National Alert (RN) faction would prevail (came third). . According to French media, some of the gathered clashed with police, who used tear gas, while burning barricades were also set up. Many shops and banks in central Paris had barricaded their shop windows and windows as concerns were raised about incidents. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanen had announced that some 30,000 police officers would be mobilized yesterday to prevent incidents, 5,000 in Paris and its suburbs. Incidents were also reported in Lille (north) among far-leftists […]
Source: News Beast

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