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Seu Jorge uses headphones with air purifier costing R$3,600

The singer Your Jorge was seen running on the edge of Leblon, south of Rio de Janeiro, using an unusual device: a headset with air purifier .

He also published a record of his morning run on social media using the accessory and celebrating Saint George's Day, on Tuesday (23).

“Today is Saint George's Day. Happy day to everyone. Continuing training, I already have a race in São Paulo! Thank you my Rio de Janeiro”, wrote the singer.

The headset in question is from the Dyson brand, model “Dyson Zone™ noise canceling headphones” and costs R$3,600 to R$4,100, depending on the choice of accessories.

In addition to having noise canceling technology, the headset comes with this magnetically attachable visor that delivers purified air towards the user's nose and mouth. The air purifier also adjusts the flow automatically according to the level and speed of physical exercise.

Source: CNN Brasil

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