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Seven images to understand the importance of the 7th of September in the history of Brazil

Exactly 200 years ago, Dom Pedro I declared, on the banks of the Ipiranga, the Independence of Brazil from Portugal, on September 7, 1822.

Dom Pedro I — who took command of the country as “prince regent”, when his father, King João 6º, returned to Europe — led Brazilian territory to independence at a time when the nation had already experienced being the political axis of its metropolis, which was Portugal.

With the support of his first wife, Maria Leopoldina, and important political figures of that time, such as José Bonifácio, president of the São Paulo Governing Board, the future emperor made the country’s freedom official.

“By my blood, by my honor, by my God, I swear to make Brazil free. Brazilians, our motto from now on will be ‘Independence or Death!’ We are separated from Portugal!”, declared Dom Pedro that September 7th.

Today, 200 years after the cry for Independence, check out images that mark the date.

Source: CNN Brasil

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