Severe storms lead to scorpion infestation in southern Egypt

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A rare storm in Egypt caused flooding that killed at least three people and drove the scorpion infestation into people’s homes in the south of the country.

More than 500 people were bitten by scorpions as they sought refuge from the torrential rains in the city of Aswan over the weekend.

Wounded residents were transferred to hospitals to receive injections against the poison, Egyptian state-run newspaper Al Ahram said.

The Aswan area typically receives about 1 millimeter of rain a year, making last Friday’s strong thunder and hailstorms a rare event.

Egypt’s scorpions, which normally live in the desert, are among the deadliest in the world. Without treatment, people can die within an hour of being bitten.

Three members of Egypt’s security forces died in the floods – the worst in 11 years, according to Aswan Governor Ashraf Attia.

Torrential rains in the Aswan desert have destroyed homes and damaged roads and trees. Attia and the Egyptian Ministry of Health have denied initial state media reports that three people died from scorpion stings.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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