“Sex and the City” this time could really return to HBO Max (but without Kim Cattrall)

So much thundered that it rained. After pestering the protagonists with questions about the hypothesis of a third film in all these years, it seems that Sex and the City this time it could really come back. To break the news are the New York Post e TvLine, which explain that HBO Max would be one step away from bringing the series back to life with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis e Cynthia Nixon, excluding, however, Kim Cattrall. Already in 2017, in fact, the actress who lends the face to Samantha had received with great skepticism the idea of ​​a revival, adding that the entourage and Parker herself, with whom relations have never been relaxed, should have to have a more kind and helpful attitude towards him.

During that interview with Piers Morgan, Cattrall also suggested that the role of Samantha Jones could have passed to a black or Hispanic actress., saying that by now she has given everything she could to the character who made her famous. Beyond Sarah Jessica Parker’s disappointment over the former colleague’s statements – convinced, however, that no one else could ever take her place -, the actress, who would also be close to playing Sarah Sanderson again in the second. chapter of Hocus Pocus on Disney +, she has always said she was interested in a return of Sex and the City on TV or at the cinema. Asked by Entertainment Tonight, she had also said that she was focused on the idea of ​​new episodes that should have been understood not so much as a revival, as a “reinterpretation” of the original.

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“I’d like to see where all the characters are. The world has changed a lot after the film, between technology and social media. The protagonists – and maybe it was also good because it would have complicated things even more – they never talked about social media nor about sexual politics and movements #MeToo e Time’s Up. I think Carrie Bradshaw would be looking forward to sharing her feelings and thoughts about it. ‘ And while the most loyal fans are wondering if Sex and the City will never be the same Samantha, all that remains is to wait for the final confirmation of HBO Max, now very focused on bringing together cast of historical series such as Friends, which we will have to see in full in 2021 after the problems encountered due to the pandemic in recent months.