Sex life according to Gwyneth Paltrow

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What should a healthy and satisfying sex life be like? After years of intriguing advice and products with a high erotic rate, Gwyneth Paltrow now explains to us how she thinks in all respects through the episodes of the new docuseries Sex, Love and Goop, on Netlix starting October 21.
A premise: for those who still don’t know, Goop is the site that Paltrow launched in 2008, an online store where you can buy kitchen and furniture items, skin care products and clothing, including sex toys designed for
“Improve one’s sex life and well-being.
And it is precisely on the well-being and sexual health of the couple that this is the second series made by Paltrow for Netflix (the first is Goop Lab).
The message of Sex, Love and Goop is the creed that Gwyneth Paltrow applies in life: sex is
knowledge of oneself and others, and the series is a journey – without taboos and barriers – that reflects his interest in exploring relationships and human sexuality.
In fact, in the episodes some couples participate in the lessons of expert therapists and learn methods to improve their relationships thanks to a more pleasant sex and a deeper intimacy.
Here is in what terms the contents of the new docuseries and the ideas taken from the Goop site explain sex according to Gwyneth.

Goop’s new headquarters, Gwyneth Paltrow’s website

The couples protagonists of the docuseries not only shared their stories, but they also had to reveal and bare – literally – themselves. In the end managing to improve the awareness of oneself and the other and the relationship with one’s body. “They were fantastic – Paltrow said in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight – especially if you think that ours was a show without written scripts ».

The actress herself revealed her point of view for a happy love life also in the series, through her conversations without reticence with the therapist Michaela Baum: in the interview with AND in fact, he underlined “I thought it was really important for me to present myself with honesty and vulnerability around these topics”. The series demonstrates how sex is a powerful form of language underlying communication between two people. Communication and body language are the basis of Paltrow’s relationship as a couple: «The relationship with Brad was strengthened thanks to the Netflix show, because fortunately we do it (sex) and communicate. I think Brad is an incredibly, emotionally intelligent person. ‘
A few more details, the actress had already revealed on Goop: «Brad and I love
lots of pampering and being skin to skin. He is very sweet. If I’ve had a hard day, he always wants to rub my shoulders. ‘

The actress said she has a very clear idea of ​​how to talk about sex to her two teenage sons, Apple, 17, and Moses, 15, who they had with ex-husband Chris Martin: “I always try to be neutral about subject. Teenagers of any generation do not want to talk about sex with their parents, but fortunately my children have had a very thorough sex education in middle school, anyway I am there for any questions, even if the questions are quite minimal. “

Gwyneth claims on Goop that yes: she truly believes in the beneficial effects of orgasm, which releases hormones like oxytocin and prolactin. “With an orgasm, you relax. You enter your body. You can’t think of anything else when you’re having an orgasm. “

And Paltrow, who has built a second career there, much more profitable than that of an actress, knows it well. It started out as a simple newsletter and then as a recipe site healthy, Goop has over time become a portal, a place of curiosity and non-judgment, where difficult topics are discussed and taboos are broken. On this wave, marketing is carried out and items are sold at quite salty prices. A few years ago they caused a sensation, but scented candles were sold out at 70 euros each This Smells Like my Vagina e This Smells Like My Orgasm, while a few days ago the site has offered 55 dollars DFT, a supplement that would increase female sexual libido: since, says Gwyneth, “daily stress and anxiety, hormonal fluctuations and fatigue can have an impact on female desire and sexual health.”

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