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Sfera Ebbasta and his new album: X2VR

It’s been 8 years now XDVR, the first album by Sfera Ebbasta. It was June 11, 2015, it came out in a world far removed from today’s, where headphones were the ones with the wire and had not known the trap. A genre that no one knew what it was, while overseas it climbed the music charts and conquered the public, in Italy it took shape through this album, the one that presented the genre and opened the doors to a new way of making music.

Gionata Boschetti (Sfera’s real name), decided to give it a sequel, like a second chapter, announcing his new album: X2VR. A return like this could only be announced in grand style, Sfera did it by giving his fans a free live show atAllianz Cloud of Milanwhere after a set of DJ Shabloperformed some of his biggest hits and teased one of the songs that will be featured on the album.

Prandoni Francesco

An evening in which suppositions and ideas were not lacking, despite the song “spoilers” has already given some certainties: the sampling of was in fact unmistakable Vida Loca, historic song by Club Dogo, fresh from reunion and 10 Assago Forum sold out, and Gué’s voice was clearly recognizable in some of the choruses. We also know of the involvement of Charlie Charleshis loyal producer, who just in the last few hours had published a photo of a record case, with the writing “2” and the emoji of an hourglass in marker.

After the announcement, Sfera did not announce the exact date the album will be released, although according to some rumors, could be released as early as Friday 17 November. An announcement awaited by fans, although the artist from Cinisello Balsamo has been present in many singles, an official album has been missing since 2021, when it came out Famous. Now Sfera Ebbasta is ready to return, quoting his album, to do it for real.

Source: Vanity Fair

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