Shake and rage for the statue of a woman in a transparent dress in Italy

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Controversy has erupted in Italy following the unveiling by former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of an “offensive and humiliating” statue of a poorly dressed woman, created to honor a 19th-century poem.

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The statue of a villager, who wears a transparent dress that hugs her body, was revealed on Saturday in Sapri, in southern Italy. It honors La Spigolatrice di Sapri, a poem written by Luigi Mercantini in 1858 about an invasion of the kingdom of Naples. The poem is written from the perspective of a woman who works in the fields of Sapri and sees the ship of Carlo Pisacane and his 300 men approaching, according to the Daily Mail.

She knows Pisacane and they fall in love. She follows him and fights with his men, recounting the massacre.

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However, the statue of Emanuele Stifano was featured “Offensive and humiliating” from internet users and a group of women politicians has asked to come down. Others say they do not see the connection between the poem and the statue.

Anger at the statue: “Once again we must suffer humiliation”

Women in the Palermo Democratic Party denounced the statue as “deeply sexist” because of the way it is presented. body of the woman and stressed that it has nothing to do with Mercantini’s poem.

“Once again we must suffer the humiliation of seeing ourselves represented in the form of a sexualized body, without a soul and without any connection to the social and political issues of history.”, stressed in a statement.

The Gleaner has arrived in Sapri and turns towards its sea… Saturday 25th September there will be the unveiling. #emanuelestifano #spigolatricedisapri #sculpture #bronzesculpture

Posted by Emanuele Stifano on Thursday, September 23, 2021

At the same time, Laura Boldrini of the Democratic Party described the statue as “an insult to women.”

“How can even we institutions accept the representation of a woman as a sexualized body,” she wrote on Twitter.

In the images released by the unveiling of the statue, Conte is seen surrounded by a group of men.

There were many reactions on social media. “I like both the statue and the poem but I do not see how they are connected,” someone wrote.

“Only in Italy could the statue of a worker, in memory of the massacre of 300 people, take this form. 2021 in Sapri “, was another comment.

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