Shakira, 44 and a crazy hair evolution

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The fact that in the veins of Shakira flow mixed blood (Lebanese, American, Colombian, Italian, Catalan) has a lot to do with the quick change mode of the Latin pop star. Ready to celebrate hers 44esimo complenno, which falls on February 2, the singer of the Aquarius sign we like her not only because she is a real stage animal, an accomplished dancer, a loving mother and a woman committed to solidarity projects, but also because throughout her career she has changed her beauty look countless times. Starting with the enviable mass of hair, sported in many different versions, always and in any case noteworthy and not at all trivial. Here you go Shakira’s hair evolution.

The photos of Shakira with natural hair are rare, and mainly date back to the beginnings of her long artistic career: the Colombian star has a generous mass of curly and volumized hair, dark chocolate color. Right from the start, probably recommended by some image expert, the singer opted for much lighter hair colors compared to its natural base. Like many of the stars who made their showbiz debut in the late nineties, Shakira also became famous with a iconic extra long blond hair. You remember her in the video of hers smash Whenever, Wherever? It was the year 2001 and Shakira appeared on video with very low waisted pants and one Sweden blond hair all curls and extensions. Blonde, very blond was also in the 2010 video of her other mega international hit, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), but in this case the curls had given way to softer waves and the blond had become a warm honey. To see her in red hair version we have to go to December 2020, when the video was released “Girl like Me”: Shakira, who sings here with the Black Eyed Peas, sports a brand new hair dye in shades of cherry red. And it looks great!

Has Shakira ever had short hair? In the video of Rabid, featuring with Pitbull, wore a sexy black bob with curtain bangs, but it was a wig and lasted just right for the shoot. Instead in 2011 the singer and dancer has greatly shortened her long hair, showing off a brand new blonde bob, which gave her a lot. Then, however, she returned to her great love: the maxi lengths. And, during these months of lockdown, like many other women left at home, she has chosen to embrace her naturally curly hair texture, avoiding aggressive ironing in the name of curly power. Even the color is less fake: on Instagram Shakira has been showing herself for some time with a blond-brown warm and sensual.

In gallery find the unforgettable hair looks by Shakira. More i prodotti beauty must have to protect hair treated like hers, keeping them shiny and hydrated despite repeated dyes.

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