Shakira (again) on the attack: the official ballet of the revenge song against Piqué arrives

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After the success of the ballet of Wednesday Addams on the notes of Blood Mary Of Lady Gagain the meantime returned to the top of the Italian charts 12 years after its release, it’s the turn of Shakira which, not happy with having placed BZRP Music Sessions #53, better known as the most famous “revenge song” of the 2020s, at the top of all records, he thought it best to make it even more viral by adding a choreography. Indeed, on January 21, Shakira posted on social media a ballet designed specifically to accompany the song against the ex Gerard Piquéfirst in the Spotify charts in Italy and Argentina.

It goes without saying that the steps developed by the pop star, who is certainly not new to ballet – let’s think of the movements of the pelvis at the time of Whenever, Wherever -, they quickly went around the world, refocusing attention on a catchphrase which, between Twingo and Casio, made headlines above all for being the expression of the discontent and anger of a woman betrayed by the man with whom she thought she had built a family. Beyond the catchphrase of which Nancy Coppola has also created a neo-melodic version, the media echo around the Shakira case shows no sign of diminishing.

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To end up in the middle, as we know, it was also Shakira’s mother-in-law as well as Piqué’s mother whom the singer allegedly attacked in her own way by displaying a witch’s puppet from her balcony with her eyes turned towards the woman’s house. It seems that the latter inadvertently let a little heart slip out of a tweet by Shakira addressed to her son, later removed: a mistake that she definitely made people talk about her as well as the silent conduct of Clara Chia Martithe new flame that Piqué would have already introduced to the family.

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Shakira: the neo-melodic version of the revenge song against Gerard Piqué arrives

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