Shakira: the neo-melodic version of the revenge song against Gerard Piqué arrives

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Shakira calls, and new melodics answer. After the release of Session #53better known as the most famous «revenge song» of the 2000s, comes, directly from Naples, an alternative version of the text by Nancy Coppolasinger and former castaway from theIsland of the Famous who thought of riding the wave and translating Shakira’s song according to her codes. «Chews and swallows sient or delor/ pecche aret nun se ritorn / manc si chiagn / manch si die / and yes to people speak it’s not my fault / yes, there’s a rumor I’m talking about sickness” – that is “Chew and swallow, feel the pain/because there’s no turning back/not even if you cry/not even if you die/and if people talk it’s not my fault/if this voice becomes a disease for you» – sings Coppola resuming the pop star between the lines, meanwhile splashed to the top of the charts and social sharing.

«I’ve been left alone ‘e dimpetto/mmiezo ‘e nciuce da gente» – that is “You left my mother-in-law in the building opposite / among people’s mess» – Nancy insists again while the world continues to watch with curiosity the moves Shakira put down to make her ex Gerard Piqué serve the guilt of having cheated on her with Clara Chia Marticompared to the famous Twingo and the famous Casio that quickly made the rounds of the Web.

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We know how important it is for an artist to draw inspiration from his own private life in order to create something new, even if someone still wonders today if Shakira has gone a little too far this time. For the neo-melodic world and, in particular, for Nancy Coppola obviously notso much so that the new version by the singer – who has also starred in the film in her career My perfect man together with Francesco Testi and Eva Grimaldi – is going as viral as the original that inspired it.

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