Shaman’s uncle arrested in Paris – 18-year-old murdered for not accepting ‘pre-arranged marriage’

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He was arrested today, Wednesday, at Paris The Danis Hasnain, her uncle Shaman Abbas, of the eighteen-year-old girl who was killed by her relatives outside Bologna, Italy, because she did not want to accept a “pre-arranged as well as a compulsory marriage”.

Shaman disappeared on April 30. The Italian authorities are sure that her parents, her uncle and two of her cousins they killed, because the girl did not want to return to Pakistan and marry a much older relative, reports APE BPE.

According to the confession of Saman’s minor brother, the execution of the murderous plan was undertaken by Hasnain, who then went to France, where he was detained.

It is said, in fact, to shredded the corpse of the eighteen-year-old, which, so far, has not been found, despite ongoing research.

The parents of the unfortunate girl, went by plane to Pakistan and since last May they did not return in Italy.

The case of Saman Abbas has been and continues to be of great concern to Italian public opinion and has contributed to the launch of a new public debate on the need to respect – by Italians and immigrants – human rights and, in particular, women’s rights.

Photo source: YouTube / Rai

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