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Shantal gives birth to her 3rd child and shares details of the birth: “Just the way I wanted”

Shantal Verdelho, 34 announced this Saturday morning (1st) the birth of third child . “We have a little boy here”, she celebrated, who chose to find out the baby’s sex only at birth. She and her husband, Mateus Verdelho, 40 are already parents to Filippo, 5, and Domânica, 2.

The influencer shared, on her social media, some details about the birth of her third child and stated that she had “the birth of her dreams”. “It was perfect, exactly the way I wanted, even what no one can control, it was the way I wanted: the day; how the day was, sunny and cold; the time you were born, everything was perfect.”

According to his account, Shantal had entered the 39th week of pregnancy on Friday (31) and, with the help and guidance of professionals, she began an attempt to induce natural labor which, according to her, consisted of sexual intercourse, acupuncture and a specific shake. During the afternoon, the contractions began.

“To give you an idea, I arrived at the hospital, and he was born in 3 hours. It was the most beautiful thing in the world, happy, everyone was happy”, reported the influencer, who even spoke a little about the obstetric violence that she suffered in the previous birth, with Domânica, and compare the experiences.

Despite sharing details of the birth with her son on her lap, Shantal stated that she and her husband are not yet ready to show the baby's face. “We're not ready yet, because we were just born… maybe we'll show it later or tomorrow, but we're still not feeling it. [que seja a hora]”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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