ShapeShift CEO criticizes Bitcoin maximalists

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The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift, Eric Voorhees, is unhappy with the behavior of “Bitcoin maximalists” who criticize other cryptocurrencies in order to put Bitcoin in a better light.

The ShapeShift founder said that he was ashamed of those Bitcoin supporters who are trying to promote it “in the dark”, deliberately criticizing altcoins and looking for flaws in them. According to Voorhees, many altcoins have their own merits, and “humiliation” of supporters of other cryptocurrencies does not help the development of Bitcoin at all. The head of ShapeShift believes that if Bitcoin has ill-wishers, it is central and commercial banks, as well as fiat money, but not Dogecoin or Ethereum.


“At one of the conferences I heard such words that if someone does not support toxic maximalism, they are against Bitcoin and against freedom. This is sheer nonsense. I am ashamed of the behavior of such people. I don’t know when they got into the Bitcoin community, but this is a completely different community that I once came to, ”Voorhees said in an interview.


In April, ShapeShift announced integration with the THORChain decentralized exchange, allowing direct trading of BTC, ETH and LTC. However, THORChain has already suffered two hacks this month. During the first attack, the hacker managed to steal $ 7.6 million worth of cryptocurrencies. The second attack took place last week and cost about $ 8 million. It is believed that it was committed by a “white hacker”. According to Voorhees, these attacks demonstrated that THORChain still has a long way to go.


“THORChain is new software at an early stage of development and several bugs have been found in it lately. Now is not the best time for THORChain. However, the site works with real money, and every week it gets better, ”- said the founder of ShapeShift.


Voorhees previously said that Bitcoin should be more conservative as it is difficult to optimize for new ideas.

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