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Sharon Stone reveals episode of sexual harassment suffered in the 1980s

Actress Sharon Stone revealed an episode of sexual harassment suffered in the 1980s — the actress detailed what happened during the most recent episode of the podcast “Let’s Talk Off Camera With Kelly Ripa”, released this Wednesday (8). The harasser, according to the report, was a former Sony executive.

According to the actress, despite not having denounced or mentioned any names during the emergence and growth of the #MeToo movement, nor in her memoir released in 2001, she noticed changes in the behavior of men in the film industry after she made it clear how I would publicly treat potential harassers.

The harassment episode was revealed after Sharon said she identified with a song sung by a younger artist during a show, sharing a similar experience.

In this discussion, Sharon recalled the episode with the former executive, which happened in the 1980s, and she remembers wearing her “good clothes”.

“It’s purely special because it costs everything you had. You bought it on sale and keep it clean because it’s the only thing you have for your special gatherings,” she says. “I was really excited to wear my special outfit and meet the head of Sony.”

Sharon stated that she met him in his office, where there was a sofa almost on the floor, and the executive started to praise the actress a lot. “It’s true what they say about you and you are the most beautiful. We haven’t seen anyone like you in decades. Everyone is talking about you and looking at you. You are the most articulate. You’re so smart and beautiful — and that hair,’” she said. “Then he came walking right in front of me and said, ‘But first,’ and pointed his penis right in my face.”

Sharon says her reaction was a mix of nervous laughter and crying. “I was very young and what do I do when I’m nervous, because I’m basically a very happy person, I started laughing. I started laughing and crying at the same time and I couldn’t stop because I was hysterical,” she said.

“I couldn’t stop, so he didn’t know what to do, so of course he put it away and went through a door behind his desk, which I thought was him leaving,” she continued. Sharon says she waited until the executive’s secretary came in and ushered her out.

“When I heard this girl sing this, I realized that it was like 1980, that this happened to me and now we are in 2023, which is 43 years later,” she said. “I’m mortified because it’s still exactly the same thing.”

For the actress, what has changed is that more people are more confident and open to sharing their experiences. “I was crying because I thought, ‘Holy shit, there’s no way I could have told this story before. There was no way anyone would listen to me and hire me again,’” she said of her reaction to seeing other people sing together with the artist.

Source: CNN Brasil

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