She breastfed her child for two years and now says her husband has to pay for her breast augmentation

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A mother, who breastfeed for two years, she now wants her husband to pay for her breast augmentation, arguing that this is only fair considering how much money the couple has saved by not having to buy baby formula.

Avery Woods made the announcement in a TikTok video, holding one of her two children in her arms. “Telling my husband I should get a breast lift as a gift after breastfeeding for two years and saving so much money on baby formula,” she wrote. mother.

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Woods, a pediatric intensive care unit nurse at USA, received support from other TikTok users. Tens of thousands liked the post, which has been viewed more than 571,000 times.

“I told my fiance the same,” commented another woman.

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“Dude yes. That’s 4,000 in baby formula you saved plus bottles and stuff,” another commented.

“Already showing up,” one wrote, with the mother replying: “It’s the t-shirt, I promise.”

Woods, however, did not reveal her husband’s reaction.

Source: News Beast

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