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She decided to set fire to her father’s bedroom because he was hungry

An 20-year-old woman reacted to England due to hunger, as the lack of food led her to burn her father’s bedroom.

According to the Daily Mail, Farha Bushra, who lives with her father in a Cambridge district, set fire to a tissue that was inside a cardboard box, resulting in the situation getting out of control.

According to information, the girl she called her father to work and demanded that he go and buy her food. In fact, he threatened to set the house on fire when told her to go shopping on her own her meal. But, a few minutes later, the 20-year-old called her father again and admitted that the fire was out of control.

The flames destroyed the building before firefighters arrived, to whom he admitted the arson. The police officer said that her behavior that day was completely unexplained.

“Only she can know why she thought setting fire to her father’s bedroom was a good idea or an acceptable reaction to a food dispute.”.

Sentenced to 18 months social work, to complete 40 days in a rehabilitation center and in a fine of λι 1,000.

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