She denounced that her teammate did nothing and, even so, the teacher rewarded her

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A few days ago, the video of a boy who exposed his teammate in front of the classroom and his teacher went viral, since, according to his words, the student did not collaborate with him to do the work that the teacher had given them. commissioned to both.

In addition, through his TikTok, the young man denounced that the teacher did not take into account that he presented his alleged evidence about his partner’s lack of participation, as he ended up giving the unfulfilled girl the highest grade.

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We cannot deny that there are people who like to work as a team, but we could affirm that we are the majority who do not like this way of working, since there will always be someone who places their responsibility on others and does not fulfill their part.

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Apparently, this is what happened to a young content creator who identifies himself on the networks as Jonatan Ulises (@jonatan_ulises_). The video where she exposes her teammate already has more than 75 million views, which makes us think that we have all experienced this unfair situation at some point.

Now Jonatan has published new images on his networks, where he assures that his arguments against his teammate were useless and the teacher ended up giving the girl the highest grade, which seems very unfair to him.

It seems that due to the playful character of this boy, the teacher believed that it was all a joke and after seeing the content that Jonatan creates on his social networks we agree with the teacher.

Source: Okchicas

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