She discovers that her boyfriend was unfaithful… with her thesis teacher!

She discovers that her boyfriend was unfaithful… with her thesis teacher!

A Peruvian cheat-hunting YouTube show helped a girl find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her with someone else, as the distraught young woman began to suspect something was wrong with their relationship.

Unfortunately, her worst fear came true, as she was able to see with her own eyes that her boyfriend was cheating on her with his thesis professor. The girl couldn’t believe that the man she loved forgot everything they’ve experienced by being with another woman.

The program hunting infidels is dedicated to exposing dishonest individuals who cheat on their partners. This time it was the turn of a Peruvian girl named Mayte, who sought help from the controversial program, because, according to her own words, her boyfriend began to be very distant with her.

Well, I decided to look for you because I have my crush, I met him when we were studying at the university, but I dropped out, he is still studying architecture. But now that he’s doing his thesis, I feel like he’s cheating on me or maybe it’s just a thought of mine, because he’s not giving me as much attention as he used to.

Mayte narrated that she noticed that her boyfriend was behaving very differently because he used to reply to messages in minutes, but then it began to take hours to give him an answer. In addition, he always used as an excuse that he was doing her thesis so as not to go out with her.

After making the context of this story known, accompanied by Mayte, the program team dedicated themselves to following the boyfriend. It didn’t take long for him to appear with a woman much older than him, both leaving the university where he studies together. Then they got into her truck and went to have a coffee. Later, without knowing that they were being recorded, they kissed in the street.

At times, this anecdote reminded us of the emblematic Laura Bozzo program, since the performances, sorry, the facts, are told in a very similar way. Obviously, the altercation could not be missing when they catch the infidel.

Apparently, the supposed teacher was quite upset that they invaded her privacy and ended up destroying the plans that her student had presented to her. We assume that the unfaithful man was left without a girlfriend and without approving his thesis.

Source: Okchicas