She falls asleep while breastfeeding her child in the hospital: the child suffocates to death

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The baby was attached to the mother’s breast, and she was breastfeeding. The woman then is asleep and the newborn is suffocated to death. A tragedy that occurred in the night between 7 and 8 January at the hospital Sandro Pertini of Romto. As it reports The Corriere della Sera the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome has opened ainvestigation against unknown persons. The hypothesis of the crime is of manslaughter. The public prosecutor’s office is carrying out internal investigations on the matter at the hospital, to understand how the events unfolded and if, with the due precautions on the part of the staff, the tragedy could have been averted. The new mother, a thirty-year-old woman, is the offended party in the criminal proceedings. Under the investigators’ magnifying glass is the behavior of the professionals who followed her, but at the moment no name is written in the register of suspects.

As reported by the Courier, the baby was born at the beginning of the year. In the late afternoon, the new mother would have asked the staff on duty who was assisting her to be able to stay a few more minutes with her baby. She was nursing him, holding him in her arms.

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According to the first reconstructions, it seems that the woman fell asleep with the baby in her arms while breastfeeding him and that none of the staff returned to her to take him back. A few minutes after midnight a nurse, going around the rooms, sees the new mother asleep. She approaches and sees the woman slumped over the body of the little one. She pulls it away. She tries to revive him, but there’s nothing more they can do.

Now the investigators will have to shed light on the matter, to verify any responsibility on the part of the hospital’s doctors and nurses. The magistrates ordered the autopsy on the body, the examinations of which will definitively clarify the causes that led to the death.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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