She fell asleep on public transport and a boy cut her hair

She fell asleep on public transport and a boy cut her hair

Everyone who has traveled on public transport has experienced falling asleep or seeing someone take a nap while arriving at their destination, because sometimes, with the weather and the noise of the road, it is unavoidable to do so.

However, what happened to this girl may have happened to very few, because when she woke up after falling asleep during her bus trip, she realized that a child did a little mischief to her hair: he cut it! while she was enjoying her nap! The situation, in addition to taking her by surprise, turned out to be a contraceptive act.

This is the Spanish user identified as Carolinawho, through a video shared on his profile on TikTokHe explained that he woke up as soon as he heard that the boy’s mother scolded him and suddenly they got off public transport.

After seeing that the lady hit her son, the young woman never imagined that said scolding was due to the fact that the minor had cut one of her braids with scissors, an action that seemed strange to Carolina, since it is not explained why. reason the little one carried that tool to cut with him.

Suddenly I heard the mother hit the child, well, obviously, I didn’t associate it with me, I said ‘they’ll be scolding him’. You know, the mother made a bah gesture, but instead of showing her face, she grabbed the child and they got off the bus at the next stop, it seemed strange to me, but I ignored her.

In her narration, Carolina said that it is very easy for her to fall asleep practically anywhere, but that day she was tired, since she had gone to the gym and to do some work, so she leaned back on the seat to rest a bit and It was when the misfortune happened that left her in shock for a good while.

After assimilating what happened, the girl came home and undid her braids to see how far the boy’s mischief had gone and then got ready to go to the hairdresser, where the stylist asked her if it was her son who cut her hair. hair, to which she replied no, since after that she does not want children.

I take it with humor, but I freak out with how cowardly the mother was. I was in the penultimate seat on the bus, I was leaning on it. Don’t ask me why everything seems surreal to me, what was a child doing with scissors? I touched my hair for a second and I was missing half a braid. This has been a terrific contraceptive.

After the viral recording, the girl made a video while she puts on makeup in which she talks about the prank of the little one who, although at the time it bothered her a lot and made her angry, now she takes it with humor, because in addition to having gone viral on networks On social media, countless people have complimented her on how well short hair suits her.

Source: Okchicas