She had sex with her best man at her boyfriend’s wedding and suffered a heart attack

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‘Has sex ever been so good with someone who almost killed you? This question was answered by a woman who after a passionate one night stand with her best man in Wedding of her gluer, ended up in the hospital.

The woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, spoke of her experience in a post on the popular Reddit forum. According to the woman, she suffered a heart attack after having sex with her best man at a friend’s wedding.

Posting on Reddit, he said: “It was my beloved girlfriend’s wedding this weekend. It was my first time meeting the best man in person, although we have been working together via Zoom for the last year.

«We got together and ended up dancing and talking most of the night and when things were over at the party I went to his hotel room to continue. And it was a very good sequel“, He stated.

“I had terrible chest pains and could not breathe”

Then the woman described that her beautiful experience almost cost her her life: “Then I start to have severe pain in my heart. Tachycardia in the chest, dizziness and I could not breathe».

“It had never happened to me before and at that time I was not sure if I had a panic attack or a heart attack. And then I remembered that I was taking medicine that could cause heart problems. I had taken two in August to watch it and everything was fine. “Then I realized that I had not done anything as intense as sex with another person since I started taking the drugs,” the woman stressed.

Her partner, as she said, was extremely helpful: He was absolutely wonderful and he rubbed my back, calmed me down and we talked about what was happening.

“I went to the doctor immediately in the morning. He came with four students and says “I am learning that you had a heart attack during sexual intercourse. Tell me about it. “

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