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She has hoarding syndrome and always buys second-hand clothes or toys for her children

A mum is torn over her choice to only get her children second-hand clothes or toys, rather than buying new, while claiming she suffers from hoarding syndrome. 34-year-old Francesca Ramsden has two children and never buys them anything new. Instead, he saves the money he would spend, either on family vacations abroad, or on other obligations. “Sometimes they make fun of me. They call me stingy because I put in fillers, but I don't buy new toys. But I'm saving several thousand,” the mother claimed, according to the Mirror. According to what he mentioned, he grew up in a poor family and always used cheap products or what they got from charity. Thus, she can now have better family comfort, but she does not forget her past. “I don't throw anything away, my house looks like a shop, with all the things I have collected. Sometimes I give away some items, so the husband doesn't complain about the space they take up,” said the 34-year-old. What is the syndrome? […]
Source: News Beast

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