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She hasn’t had sex in years, always felt it was a ‘chore’ – Now 25-year-old is proudly asexual

A young British woman opens up about her asexuality, saying she hasn’t sex for years and that she could happily spend the rest of her life without it. Amie Butler, 25, also said that her critics make her to feels uncomfortable when they insist that she has yet to experience a good sexual act and that she is “too hot” to be truly asexual.

“It can be frustrating when people say and believe these things,” Butler admitted to her interview with the Daily Star. “At the end of the day I am who I am and whatever I can accept is enough for me,” she said.

The 25-year-old began identifying as asexual two years ago after realizing that the feelings she had for her boyfriend did not cause her any desire for sex.

“I was dating this guy and I realized I didn’t want to sleep with him, even though he was everything I was looking for,” she recalls. “That made me question if I ever wanted to sleep with anyone and the answer was, no.”

“I’ve always found it a bit much chore or something I should be doing because everyone else is doing it,” he added. That’s when Butler started researching asexuality online, and she said she was initially shocked to find that she fit into that category.

“I just thought there was something wrong with me,” he said and added that “it was quite a long and hard process. I was struggling mentally for such a long time,” he admitted. Over time, however, Butler came to embrace her asexuality and noted, “If sex became illegal tomorrow, I think I’d be a little bit relieved.”

The 25-year-old still hopes to date and eventually find her life partner while has not ruled out the possibility of having sex again – although the desire may not be there.

If she is going to start a relationship, she argued that it will be important for her partner to show understanding and support. For now, Butler has started her own account at TikTok to help people find their bearings and not feel ‘stigmatised’.

The Brit has collected almost 18,000 followers in the app, where he helps others come to terms with the fact that they never want to go crazy.

For those struggling with their asexuality, Butler said, “Give yourself time to accept it. I’m still in the process of accepting it, but I promise it will get easier.”

Source: News Beast

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