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“She is still very beautiful, now we can bury her,” say Sunny Luke's parents

They knew that their daughter had been murdered, for months they were experiencing the loss, now – after the discovery of the lifeless body of Sunny Luke, whose story shocked after the Hamas invasion of Israel – they can say goodbye properly. “The body we have now is complete and beautiful and she really looks like she's alive,” said the tragic father. Nissim Luke spoke with his wife Rakarda to the Post. Trying to explain the image he saw he said that “I think he was in one of the tunnels which was very, very cold… that's why the body is complete and beautiful and the skin is still the same color, you can still see the tattoos, it's amazing ». He and his wife expressed their relief that their daughter's body was returned to Israel. “The army came and told us that Sani's body was found and taken to Israel… we are happy that she is back and we can bury her properly,” he said […]
Source: News Beast

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