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She made her fiance sign a contract – The condition in case he cheats on her

A self-described “crazy” woman wanted to make sure her husband-to-be would think twice before cheating on her. Recently engaged, the young woman confessed to TikTok that she has reached “a new level of crazy”, revealing that she made her partner sign a legally binding contract.

According to it, he will pay her expenses for the rest of her life if she ever has an extramarital affair.

“My fiance just signed a legal document and we agreed that if he cheats on me he has to pay my bills,” says Chaylene Martinez, known online as @SalamiiQueen, in a video with more than 7 million views.

“If she cheats on me, hit her,” adds the woman from Idaho, USA. “I’m so smart or crazy, I don’t know.”

Many users of course were quick to express their opinion. “You are smart and dynamic. This is awesome,” one commented. “By far the smartest he’s heard,” agreed another.

In a new post, Martinez said that “I’ve been brought up so many times financially and when it comes to money, I’m scared and I don’t trust easily. We are now engaged, we do things financially together, we do bills together. So we thought it was a good idea to go ahead with some agreements and documents and sign them.”

Source: News Beast

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