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She Makes Sperm Jewelry And It’s Breathtaking – ‘All You Need Is A Teaspoon’

The art of production jewelry is indeed an imaginative process, but one woman and her husband have taken it a step further by making certain products using semen.

According to nypost.com the Amanda Booth together with her husband started uploading videos to TikTok with their creations, which they called “j–zy jewelry”. The video soon garnered a lot of views and various users started sending various requests, with one person asking for “sperm jewelry.”

Amanda Booth

The couple immediately laughed at this idea and uploaded a video describing this strange request. Nonetheless, they started receiving a number of related requestswith the proposals to be seriousas there were willing buyers.

So, they decided to start making the specific jewelry, but in limited quantities for technical reasons.

Processing problems

Amanda Booth said that those interested send the sperm packaged in a special container through the post and then a “not pleasant process” begins.

According to her, because the smell is strong, processing of these jewels is always done at the end of the dayso that her lab doesn’t stink badly.

“We process them at the end of the day, otherwise, we work with that particular smell all day and it’s just… We did it in the morning one day and I thought, ‘no, I’ll never do that again,'” he said.

At the same time, he mentioned that it takes a teaspoon of sperm along with polymer clay to make the jewelry.

Now, her creations have become breathtaking, as she claims, while she constantly receives requests, as well as samples to make new jewelry.

Source: News Beast

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