She mistakenly sent photos of herself in lingerie and the response she received made her feel awful

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She wanted the earth to open up and swallow her when she realized the blunder she had made with her revealing lingerie photos, which she mistakenly sent to her personal trainer.

Radio producer Gemma Hill in Heart West Midlands explained in a viral TikTok video that her new trainer asked her to take pictures of her in lingerie in order to monitor her progress.

So he did as he suggested. She posed for photos in front of her bathroom mirror, wearing only her underwear. And he sent these photos to gymnast of. But his answer made her feel awful.

He explained to her that she did not need to send him the photos of her in her underwear and that now his girlfriend “interrogated” him, asking “who is this idiot”.

In the video Gemma recalls that her personal trainer advised her “do not suck, do not take good angles, just be honest” before taking the revealing photos.

However, when he took these photos, he was quick to point out that they were only meant for her to have something to compare and that he did not need to see them.

“Hello, Gem, I meant take pictures of you, not send them to me. So that you can check your progress “, was his answer.

The embarrassed Gemma wrote in her turn: “My God, sorry. I thought I should send them to you. So embarrassing. Sorry”.

However, he saw the funny side of the case. «Lol, no I do not ask customers to send me pictures of underwear. “I was eating with my girlfriend and I was asking who this idiot is.”

“How do I go back” is the title of Gemma’s video. “Honest mistake and good man who clarified it,” someone commented. “This has made me laugh for the last 30 minutes,” someone else wrote.

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