She refuses arranged marriages, a 13-year-old denounces her parents who also forced her to beg

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At home he received kicks and punchesslept on the floor, was forced to beg and, at just 13 years old, she was already ready, according to her parents, to arranged marriage. It happens in Rome where the girl protagonist of this story denounced her parents who were arrested.

«I attempted suicide several times, I was ashamed to ask for money outside the supermarket frequented by my teachers and the parents of my schoolmateshe told the policemen of the San Basilio police station. It is now in a secure facility. This girl of Bosnian origin lived with 12 siblings, she is the fifth, in a council house.

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Her parents, aged 41 and 36, forced her to beg in front of a supermarket not far from the school she was supposed to attend. To those who welcomed and helped her, she said that she just wanted to go to school. Instead her parents demanded that she take home at least 50 euros a day otherwise they hit her with blows, insults and violence with electric cables and pipes on her back and face. They had shaved her head because she had refused to marry a stranger in exchange for money. “They’ve been telling me that since I was 11. I told them that if it happens, I’ll throw myself off the balcony, and they replied that they first have to collect and then I can do it as well». It was the parents of schoolmates and teachers who helped her.

The father is in prison, the mother under house arrest. They are accused of enslavement and grievous bodily harm. Possible abuse of siblings is also being investigated. In the girl’s story, reported by Corriere della Sera there are punishing baths with boiling water for children aged 10 and 11 or with blows with the slats of the bed. The ordinances with the precautionary measures speak of “a life of hardship, a continuous state of subjection without him being able to assert his discomfort in begging in a place frequented by his teachers and the parents of his schoolmates and his desire to attend school”. Others have arrived for the girl violence and beatings “to avoid the intervention of social services and the forces of order, and keep her in a state of subjection to exploit her begging”.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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