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She stopped removing her facial hair for a whole year and shared how her life changed

For years, we women learned to say goodbye to all the hair on our body, as we grew up full of stereotypes, but it is time to change and that is well known by Eldina, a girl from Copenhagen, Denmark, who is breaking the rules by Document your decision to grow your facial hair on social media.

Eldina not only wants people to start accepting how beautiful it is to have facial hair, she also wants to help others feel safe and especially to be true to themselves and their natural beauty. Your story can be very inspiring.

Eldina wanted to love her body naturally

His decision did not come overnight, on the contrary, it was a gradual process that took a long time.

I wouldn’t say it’s something that happened all of a sudden, but I was getting more and more frustrated having to remove my hair for no apparent reason. I see men without removing their hair, so why do I have to? I realized that I could spend my money and my time much better. I’m not against shaving or waxing, but it’s the expectation that all women do it all the time that bothered me.

It’s not set in stone to have to remove facial hair

Girl letting her facial hair grow

Standards have forced us, both men and women, to have to wax, but there is no rule that says that women cannot grow body and facial hair for greater comfort as men do.

Many women have written to me and told me that they also feel compelled to remove all body hair even if they don’t want to. But they feel pressured by society to do so or have been judged for having body hair.

There are many women who already let their hair grow

Girl letting her facial hair grow

For some time he has received a lot of attention for basically doing nothing wrong and it is something that is really strange to him because a man would never be judged for growing hair or even hair.

Many women have written to me, telling me that they felt as if they were the only woman with facial hair or prominent body hair, when in fact there are many, and having body hair as a woman is not something extraordinary. I have received maybe 100 negative messages from men and maybe four or five from women.

It is more important to be true to yourself

Girl letting her facial hair grow

For Eldina it is more important to be true to herself, because there will always be people who love you for who you really are rather than because of an imposed social standard.

I think my advice would be that if people don’t like you, you can always find new friends. You can always find other groups of people who would accept and value your thoughts and feelings. And do you really want someone to like you for what you are not?

It is always good to break the molds and Eldina is proof of that, because she is doing what she always wanted without being afraid of criticism and that is something that we should all learn to do since we are little.

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