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She swam in dirty Welsh sea and spent months in hospital – ‘Almost lost my daughter’

A woman almost died after swimming in sea her Walesfull effluent. Caitlin Edwards, 22, decided to take a dip but it turned out to be “disastrous” as she was in danger of losing her life. More specifically, the student, who before swimming in the polluted waters was perfectly healthy, was diagnosed with HUS syndrome (hemolytic uremic syndrome), a rare condition that damages the kidneys.

The disease caused her to need multiple blood transfusions and dialysis in a five-month ordeal where Kaitlyn battled the dangerous condition. It is estimated that about 10 percent of people are affected by this coliform bacteria E coli can cause HUS syndrome, which can cause neurological complications such as seizures, stroke or even coma, according to the World Health Organization.

Her mum, Jayne Etherington, was furious at how raw sewage had been allowed to enter the sea at Wiseman Bridge, where mum and daughter had gone for a swim, on August 24 last year, reports Mirror. The woman told WalesOnline: “We were led to believe that the effluent they came from the storm.” No one said, “This is something more serious.” Welsh Water overflows due to the storm were thought to be the cause of sewage being found on Welsh beaches. However, a spokesman for the sewerage service provider said the Wiseman Bridge leak had nothing to do with Welsh Water.

The county council had put in beach where the 22-year-old swam with her mother signs warning swimmers not to swim in toxic waters, but the two women ignored the warnings. The warnings in question were put in place because the council “acted on information received about a pollution incident from Natural Resources Wales”. The mother said of her child “he was going to die”. “When they called me, he was in the hospital. She had gone from a happy, healthy, vibrant 22-year-old to looking like she was going to die. . It was horrible,” he said. Caitlin has since made a full recovery and was able to complete her degree in English and Spanish, despite doctors advising her that she may want to postpone her senior year.

But despite the fact that the young woman is now fine, her mum still wants others to know: “This can happen and I’m determined it won’t happen to anyone else.” Jayne is appealing for anyone else who may have felt ill after swimming near Wiseman’s Bridge that weekend to get in touch. He said there were many anecdotal reports of other people being sick at the time.

Source: News Beast

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