She tattooed her boyfriend’s name with huge letters on her back and a week later they divorced

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The decision to make one tattoo it must be the product of thought and a fully conscious decision. In the world of tattoos there is an unwritten law: We never, ever hit a partner’s name. As confident as we are about our relationship. This unwritten law was violated by one TikToker and but he does not regret it.

Ashlyn Grace – who uses their pronouns – joined the social media app last week to share a story about giant ink.

The 21-year-old posted a video with Lizzo’s track “Rumors”, accompanied by a text that read: “I heard you did a tattoo with your ex’s name and you broke up a week later.”

Her followers are furious – “The one who got her tattoo must go to prison”

Grace’s followers flooded the video comment section, asking to see the tattoo ink.

“Don’t worry, it’s a little big,” the girl said a few seconds before the big revelation.

The spectators were amazed by the word “Alexander” that spreads along the entire length of her spine, from the top of her neck to the tip of her tail.

“Not the Times New Roman font size 48! Why;” exclaimed a terrified follower.

“The tattoo artist who did this must go to jail,” said another

Others said that the girl had to add the surname of a famous Alexander to the base of the tattoo, so that it is no longer an ode to an ex. Some suggestions included Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Hamilton and even Alexander the Great.

However, Grace said that she does not regret the tattoo at all. “Almost a year later and I still do not regret it. 11 months have passed [και] I still have no idea or desire to find an artist to cover it “

And it’s not the only tikToker with embarrassing tattoos

Grace, meanwhile, isn’t the only TikToker to go viral after showing off a bad time.

Earlier this year, a user revealed a very uncomfortable tattoo he had done shortly before the coronavirus pandemic.

The woman posted a video showing her tattoo, which read: “Radically and courageously, do not wear a mask.”

He said: “This is how I got this tattoo – I wanted it a few years ago – it basically means being true to yourself and true and not pretending to be something you are not… but I could NOT have chosen a worse timing. Postscript: “I am not against the mask, I promise.”

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