She thought she had acne and her body filled with red marks – “They called me a leopard”

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A 22-year-old nurse decided to share her health adventure with the rest of the world, as after a simple skin rash that appeared on her body, ended up being full of redness and ashamed to go out.

According to Ashling Armstrong in January she noticed a red pimple mark on her, in which did not care, because he thought it was a rash that could be caused by sweat. Then the redness began to spread slowly, but he thought it was acne.

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However, after a while, many parts of her body, such as her limbs, were filled with red marks, so she went to see a doctor. There he was diagnosed with intestinal psoriasisa rare form that requires immediate medical attention.

Ashling Armstrong
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Thus began her Golgotha, as she was ashamed to go out while she could not handle the awkward questions, especially when the scars widened and covered much of her face.

“I was constantly hiding. I was wearing a North Face when the sun was shining outside and I was very ashamed of the whole thing. I just did not want anyone to know about it“I was constantly wearing jeans, pants and anything to cover my body,” he said characteristically.

The decision that changed her life

So Ashling Armstrong started treatments and treatments, while she also used an exfoliating glove every time she took a shower, in order to keep her skin hydrated.

However, the condition did not improve, despite the assurances from the doctors, while the red marks became more intense on her face and she could no longer hide or cover them in any way.

One day he had reached despair, asked a friend, if it would be a good idea to upload a photo of her on social media, which will show her body and at the same time the signs of psoriasis.

So if he received a positive answer, uploaded the first photo in which she publicly revealed her health problem and since then, as she claimed, her life has changedas it received many messages of support.

He has since decided to speak publicly, both to break the taboo on psoriasis and to encourage people to talk about the problems he faces in his life.

In fact, commenting on some of the negative comments she received, she said that she had been called a “leopard”, while others asked if she had burns from an accident. However, as he noted, he learned to manage the negative reactions, for which he is no longer indifferent, as he characteristically stressed.

Source: News Beast

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