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She threw food in the face of an employee at a fast food restaurant and her punishment is to work at the store

A woman from Ohio was found guilty after throwing her food in the face of a fast food restaurant employee. To reduce her prison time, the culprit agreed to work at a fast-food chain.

Rosemary Hayne, 39, was found guilty last week after throwing her burrito at employee Emily Russell, who was working behind the counter. Hayne’s attack on Russell was caught on video and went around the world.

Did they not make your burrito the way you wanted it and that was your response?Judge Timothy Gilligan asked the defendant, according to the nypost.com. “We are not on a reality show. This behavior is not acceptable.”

Hayne apologized to the court and the employee, then claimed the food she had been given looked “disgusting”. “If I showed you how my food looked that day and how it looked last time from the same restaurant, you would see the difference,” the defendant said.

Video footage of Hayne’s attack was played during her trial. In it, Hayne can be seen banging her food on the counter while yelling at Russell for a full minute. Russell, who works at the restaurant, tries to calm the angry customer, as the rest of the customers watch Hayne’s outburst. Hayne then throws the burrito in Russell’s face and everyone is stunned.

I’m sure you won’t be happy with the food you’ll be eating in prison” the judge told her, who sentenced Hayne to 180 days in jail, with 90 of them suspended. Wanting to “teach her empathy”, the judge made her a strange offer. Gillian told Hayne he would trade 60 days in jail if she agreed to work at least 20 hours a week at a fast food restaurant for two months. “I thought, why should the taxpayers pay and feed Hayne for 90 days in jail, when can i teach her empathysaid the judge. “I hope this will deter others from this type of behavior.”

Hayne accepted the offer and looked for a job at such a fast food restaurant. However, it is still unknown where and when she will start her new job. For her part, Russell, who has now found work elsewhere, said she thought Hayne’s sentence was fair.

Source: News Beast

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