She threw ‘satanic ceremony’ as her one-year-old daughter’s birthday party – blew out the candles on a pentagram cake

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Chaos prevails on social media and specifically on TikTokbecause a mother from Mexico organized it birthday party to her one year old daughter so she looks like satanic ceremonywhile having the little boy blow out candles on a cake with pentagrams.

According to nypost.comthe Janeth Zapata uploaded on the popular platform snapshots from the celebration, in which she can be seen one year old Lilith -pumps it named after the first woman God created based on the Bible and then he sent her to hell– to wear a black dress, along with black sandals and heels.

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Nonetheless, the mother defended her choice and stated that beyond the humor of the case, no satanic ceremony was organized, or anything like that. As he said, the pentacle used in the sweets and decoration was not inverted, i.e. in the way used by Satanists.

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At the same time, he stated that nowhere did he use a statue of Satan or any effigy of him, with the exception of the demon Baphomet, which, however, has acquired commercial use and is used elsewhere for commercial purposes, in addition to satanic or occult ceremonies.

Source: News Beast

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