She took a stuck bead out of her nose after 20 years – She’s been there since she was a child

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Many young children put small objects in the nose, their ears or even swallow them. A young woman says that a very large mucus she managed to get it out of her nose turned out to have a… blue bead under it, which she had put in her nose when she was a child and had forgotten about there for about twenty years.

Hannah Hamilton, 22, said that when she was three years old, she managed to put a blue bead on her nose and wedged her there. He tried to get her out, unsuccessfully. So he never told anyone and soon forgot.

The bead over the years seems to have migrated to the sinus where it remained, unnoticed, for years.

Until recently, when she contracted a nasty nasal infection and felt a hard, immobile mass of mucus on the tip of her nose. Then the bead came to her mind. With a little digging and a painful extraction, she managed to pull the old piece of plastic out of her nostril.

The painful process of removing the bead

“When I was three years old, I remember putting a bead on my nose and it never came out. I did not tell anyone. “I do not know why, but I did not tell anyone that this bead stuck my nose and I forgot it,” said the girl.

“It was really painful and I was trying to get it out. I was blowing my nose really aggressively, very loudly. “I could not get it out,” he continued.

So Hannah bought an ear wax remover with a camera and stuck it in her nose to see if it would help her find the object that blocked her.

As she turned the camera, she noticed a little blue on her nose.

“It brought back to me this memory of this bead from when I was three years old,” he said.

“I finally got it out, it was very painful. But a bead, a blue bead that has been on my nose for 20 years, just came out of my nose. “I have been living with a bead on my nose for twenty years and I had no idea”, he commented.

Hannah shared camera footage with the bead placed on her nose, and also revealed the bead as she had just removed it with a large amount of mucus stuck around her.

“Of course, I felt good as soon as it came out, because it has been closing my nose for the last two weeks, but I do not smell better, I can not breathe better,” he continued.

“The only thing I noticed was that my nose was running a little less.”

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