She used a Barbie filter and realized she had ghosts at home

She used a Barbie filter and realized she had ghosts at home

Due to the promotional filter of Barbie on TikTok, Mattel is already considering the possibility of launching its first Barbie Ouija on the market, as various users have shared videos where the ghosts of their work or home become the versatile doll with the help of the camera of the cell phone.

The operation of the filter is simple, since any living being that is captured by the lens of the phone will be transformed into its own version of the famous doll. However, not everything has been rosy with the dynamics, as some took the opportunity to aim at nothing and discovered that spectral Barbies appear on the screen.

Despite the fact that many of us love the idea of ​​becoming ghostbusters, because Barbie taught us to be what we want to be, the truth is that we know that these filters not only work with humans, because, commonly, objects and even lights They manage to be captured by the cel, which modifies the result.

It is worth mentioning that the ghostly Barbies do look ugly and gloomy, but even so, the clips have been taken with humor because we all know that the technology behind these filters cannot do so much in such a short time, “even if they were enchiladas” . At least these events leave us with comments that make our day.

‘The ghost: The one who can can and the one who doesn’t criticize, my lindis’; ‘From paranormal to paraesthetic’; ‘The ghost can be whatever it wants to be’; ‘The ghost: Before dead than simple, my heaven’.

In conclusion, Barbie always leaves us the best teachings, because if the spirits are appearing with the help of the filter, well, truly, we can all be what we want, even if deep down we are a ghost from the 16th century that cannot pass to a better life. for their past mistakes.

Source: Okchicas