She wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter, but found the one she lost 2 years ago

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Aisha Nieves, from Pennsylvania, was looking for a dog to adopt and when she went to an animal shelter to find her new life partner, she realized that there was her old friend Kovu, whom she had lost two years ago. .

Their reunion was incredible and caused tears among their own and strangers. Her story was shared on social media and gives hope to those still searching for their lost pets.

In 2019, Kovu ran out of the house through a hole left by a car when it hit the front door of the house and was no longer able to return home. He had been part of the Nieves family for five years.

When the family noticed that Kovu was not at home, they undertook a search of the area, put up posters and reported it to the police and nearby animal shelters, but no one had a favorable response. Resigned and eager to have a new companion at home for both herself and her two children, Nieves entered the Lehigh County Humane Society website. When she was looking at the pictures of the puppies that were ready for adoption, she came across a dog that looked a lot like Kovu.

He immediately called the shelter, shared his story, and traveled to the site. When she saw him head on, she knew that this was her dog, her best friend, whom they had been looking for for two long years.

For his part, Kovu ran and barked with excitement when he was reunited with his owner. Their happiness was almost overwhelming. It is worth mentioning that the dog had already been adopted by a family, but they decided to return it and six days later it found its way back home.

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