She was fired for drinking beer nine hours before work and the court acquitted her

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A woman working in her factory Of Britain was acquitted and will receive more than λί 5,000 for being fired from her job after admitting she had drunk three beers about 9 hours before her shift starts.

Malgorzata Krolik was fired when her bosses claimed they could smell alcohol on her. The incident occurred when the woman arrived at the factory for her afternoon shift.

The owners of the factory said that they have “zero tolerance” in terms of alcohol consumption on the same day that someone works and so they fired her.

The court, however, where the case reached, ruled that Krolik was fired unfair as the allegations that she posed a threat to her and her colleagues’ health and safety had not been properly investigated.

The mother from Poland was working in the factory almost 11 years before this incident, which occurred in August 2020.

That day she had arrived for her shift (2-10) and there was an update. An argument ensued with her manager and the woman had an outburst, for which she apologized.

The court was told that the woman started crying, so the team manager comforted her and gave her a hug and then smelled the alcohol on her. She was then asked if she had drunk and admitted that she had drunk three beers the night before and that she had gone to bed at 5 in the morning.

The authorities considered that she was under the influence of alcohol and fired her. However, the court acquitted her, with Judge Jude Shepherd noting that “they just assumed it; that he had behaved in this way because of alcohol”.

The amount of alcohol he had consumed “It equates to an employee consuming three beers at 11pm, getting some sleep and going to work at 9am the next morning.”

The court ruled that Krolik had been unfairly fired and demanded με 5,454 in damages, according to the Daily Mail.

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