She’s just 10 years old, identifies as transgender, grew up with transgender parents, and is already a runway veteran

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Although only 10 years old, it already qualifies as “veteran» in the world of fashion since her little feet have walked the catwalks many times. THE Noella McMaher, is a 10-year-old trans girl from the Chicago whose… professional schedule is already heavy as next month he will join the New York Fashion Week while her plans are to be in Paris next year.

Noella McMaher, whose parents both identify as transgender and who has a sibling who identifies as racially neutral, made her New York Fashion Week debut last February and was one of many trans and asexual models who walked for the Trans Clothing Company. Yes, little Noella was the youngest person ever to participate in the event.

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But the first show that Noella participated in was Chicago Fashion Week at the age of only 7 years.

Noella is very active on social media where she also shows the happy and peaceful life she has with her parents at home. Her parents, Dee McMaher and Ray McMaher, were born female but now identify as asexual.

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“A transgender teenager told her about open auditions and she watched YouTube videos to prepare. She booked two designers in her first audition. Since then she has participated in two Chicago Fashion Weeks and a few smaller ones demonstrations” said parent Dee.

In fact, as she confessed, from a very young age Noella did not want to wear boy’s clothes, so she was taken to a gender clinic where the little girl felt herself breaking free and declaring that she was a girl.

Our job as parents to all three of our children is to embrace their individual needs” said parent Dee and added: “Noella knew who she was from a very early age” stressing that neither parent pushed her to be a girl.

For anyone who asks how a child knows they’re transgender at just 10, parent Dee has the answer.

“At age 2, he started telling us he wasn’t a boy. At 4.5, she made the social transition to a boy and at 7 she also changed legally. My wife and I are also transgender. Noella changed long before we did. He is the most confident person I know. I keep telling her I want to be like her when I grow up» he characteristically said to

Noella and her younger brother Levi (whom his parents say is a boy and wants to stay a boy) are the love fruit of Dee and her ex-husband Timothy McCord.

McCord said he has no problem with Noella identifying as transgender, but stressed that he is concerned that her life is now in the public eye because she is active as a model. As for a possible future medical intervention in Noella’s body, such as putting her on puberty blockers and hormones, McCord said he’s not sure how to react. “I have no say in this. He is no longer my child,” he said.

Dee and McCord went their separate ways years ago before finally getting a divorce in 2019, but McCord saw his kids regularly at first.

The incident in 2016 that changed their lives forever

According to McCord, an incident occurred in 2016 that was the beginning of the end for his family. Then, because he was very nervous, he grabbed little Noella from the arm. “The next day Dee called and he said we should take a break from our relationship and stay away from the kids because Noella has a broken arm. MHe said I need a lawyer.”

McCord said a legal nightmare ensued, and he ended up being arrested and spending several nights in the Cook County Jail in Chicago. At the end of the legal adventure he tried to get close to his children again but it was impossible.

I tried to get back into their lives, but it ended up being controversial and stressful for everyone“, he said. Although he said he did not believe he was guilty of what he was accused of, he decided to let Dee and her partner officially adopt his children and relinquished all rights to them.

Source: News Beast

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