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She’s looked like a ‘Barbie doll’ since she was 19 and won’t stop getting plastic surgery – ‘They always turn to look at me’

A woman from Bulgaria is undergoing back-to-back treatments plastic surgeries in recent years to change her appearance and now plans to grow her already large lips, which almost block her nostrils, to look like a “doll Barbie».

According to thesun.co.ukthe 23-year-old Andrea Ivanova from Bulgaria has had more than 30 injections of hyaluronic acid in her lips and says she wants to continue the “record” she claims she holds.

In fact, she is not going to stop there, as she wants to enlarge her breasts, after the recent operations she did on her face, in order to “make certain angles”.

Andrea Ivanova before plastic surgery

“I have done all the operations and they were all carried out in the city where I live, in Sofia, but I plan to have my next breast augmentation surgery in Turkey or Germanybecause there are very good experts”, he says characteristically.

She started to visiting plastic surgeons since 2018, as she says and since then she has seen people’s interest in her take off. “Every day many different fans from all over my world they send thousands of messages on social media and invite me on holidays to different countries and even continents“, notes the 23-year-old.

Andrea Ivanova after plastic surgery

Also, about the comments he receives, he states that “there are always positive and negative reactions … people always turn to look at me, comment on me, whisper to each other.”

“Some they point the finger at methey discuss my appearance, some whistle at me, there are those who laugh, but also those who make fun of me of course. But there are also people who come up to me and congratulate mewhile they want me to take pictures with me,” he then adds.

Source: News Beast

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