She’s Pregnant and Looks Like She’s Carrying an Alien – Baby Moves in Tummy and His Movements Can Be Seen

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THE pregnancy it can indeed change a woman’s body, but a 22-year-old from Canada who is pregnant with her third child, she experiences an unusual experience, since the baby’s movements can be seen in her belly, as well as his head, with the whole scene reminiscent of alien.

According to 22-year-old Atalia Turner uploaded a video on TikTok that went viral and quickly gathered over 28 million viewswith the same noting in the caption: “an alien with the most annoying snore».

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As it states, the video was taken while she was next to her partner, who had fallen asleep and was snoringwhile was videotaping her bellyin which the baby is seen to be moving. In fact, things get creepier when the child’s movement is parallel to the snoring, creating a creepy scene.

22-year-old Atalia Turner
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“THE pregnancy scares me“, one user characteristically wrote in the comments of the video and another added “I would have been horrified if this happened to me too I would scream get it out of me».

In fact, the reactions did not stop there, as many noticed that she has an earring in her navel and pointed out that the skin has overflowed to the extent that the navel is not visible.

“This is not strange, but perfectly normal. It happened to me and the other two children. After the birth of the third, it will return to normal levels”, commented the 22-year-old.

Source: News Beast

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