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She's So Jealous of Her Boyfriend, She Wants to Pass a Lie Detector – Bans Him from Watching Women on TV

It is taking on terrifying proportions jealousy between a married couple, since the wife is so afraid of the possibility of the husband going off with someone else that she wants to subject him to lie detector.

THE Debbie Wood she is married to Steve and she prefers to call him “her boyfriend” instead of her husband or partner, according to a related publication Mirror. Yes, she is known in Britain as “the world's most jealous woman”due to her related television appearance.

In particular, he had spoken on ITV's “This Morning” and said that forbids the husband from watching women on televisionresulting in watching very few programs.

Alongside, checks the accounts daily that he maintains on social media, so he can see “who he's talking to”, while also checks bank accounts for any suspicious activity. “When he's not going crazy, we have a great time, like a normal couple,” Steve said.

Most, considers taking the man to a polygraph because of a heated argumentwhere the himself quoted the phrase “I didn't do anything wrong”.

According to Debbi, she became obsessed with the idea of ​​infidelity because of a previous traumatic relationship. At the same time, claimed to be suffering from Othello Syndromea psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of infidelity or jealousy and often occurs in the context of medical, psychiatric or neurological disorders.

Source: News Beast

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