Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt, who at 16 is already a skilled dancer

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Talent is a matter of genes. It clearly demonstrates this Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pittsixteen year old daughter of the former Brangelina, who in addition to beauty he also inherited tenacity from his parents and skill. Even if this skill manifests itself in different forms from the activity of the parents.

Yes, because the girl seems to be very gifted as a dancer. His dance teacher, the choreographer, also guarantees it Hamilton Evanswhich he posted on his channel YouTube a lesson on the notes of Vegasby Doja Cat, a song included in the original soundtrack of the film Elvis. In the video Shiloh Nouvel, wearing black pants and t-shirt, and with her hair pulled up in a messy buncasually guides one of the paintings, with his gaze fixed on the room, without missing a step.


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“Shiloh loves to dance,” he confirmed Us Weekly a few days ago an insider. “And although so far it has studied dance for only a few yearswe can say that it really is very gifted. Her teachers do not put limits on her, they believe that if he wanted to make it his profession he would have all the credentials ».

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Moreover, despite the “noble birth” it seems that Shiloh is also one very easygoing girl: «At the dance class it was done many good friends, with which he practices even when I’m not in class. They share playlists via chat and they help each other a lot“.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie I’m very proud the talent of their natural first daughter, e there encourage, without putting pressure on her of any kind: “Parents are very proud of Shiloh and would be happy if she decides to become a professional dancer, but leave you maximum freedom of choice“. As they always have, after all.

From an early age, Shiloh Nouvel showed strong independence and personality, to the point of openly state that he felt like a boy. He wore his hair short, dressed in masculine suits, and called himself John. Parents have never opposed her: «You feel a boy, we decided to indulge it»Said mother Angelina. «I always say to her and to all the others: ‘find out who you are, what you think and what you want to fight for’». An educational thought also shared by the father who on more than one occasion declared himself “proud of the teenager she has become“. Whether he calls himself Shiloh or John makes no difference.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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