Shipping table remains unchanged even with trigger change, says ANTT

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The modification of the trigger for readjusting the minimum floor of road freight from the change in the price of diesel oil from 10% to 5%, published this Tuesday (17) by the federal government through Provisional Measure 1,117/2022, should not result in an immediate readjustment of the freight table.

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), responsible for the revisions at the minimum floor, informed the report that the freight table “remains unchanged”, since the 5% trigger between the average price of diesel oil verified in the last survey from the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) and the value used as a reference in the last table, dated March 19, has not yet been reached.

“So far, the ANP survey points out that the accumulated variation is 3.26%, that is, lower than the 5% established by the Provisional Measure, so the freight table remains unchanged, until a new ANP survey reveals that the trigger reached the percentage above 5%, established in Provisional Measure 1,117,” said the agency in a note sent to Broadcast Agro, Grupo Estado’s real-time news system.

The value of S10 diesel oil adopted as a reference by ANTT in the freight table is the average of the prices at the pumps of gas stations, obtained in a weekly survey carried out by the ANP.

The most recent update of the table was made on March 19, with a reference value of S10 diesel oil, of R$ 6,751 per liter. Since then, there has been an increase of 3.26% in the average price of fuel at pumps, according to the most recent survey by the ANP, on May 13, measured at R$ 6.971 per liter.

Under the new legislation, ANTT must readjust the freight schedule every six months or when the diesel price variation is equal to or greater than 5% – when the trigger mechanism is activated. “The agency will investigate the results of this week’s ANP survey (05/16 to 05/22) to verify if the trigger will be reached”, said ANTT in the note.

The modification of the trigger was another action by the Bolsonaro government to relieve the pressure of truck drivers in the face of rising fuel prices and consecutive increases in diesel oil passed on by Petrobras.

The measure is an attempt by the government to stop a new strike by truck drivers, which threatens new protests starting next Saturday (21).

The freight table was created in 2018 by the Michel Temer government, after the truck drivers’ strike that blocked roads and compromised the supply of fuel, medicines and food throughout Brazil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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